Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Sweet Little E

My dearest baby girl-

Two years ago you came into our world and have blessed us beyond measure each day since. Dad-O and I walked and walked and walked to get you here. I remember leaving the house thinking, this is it, I know what to expect with this birth for I did it just 15 months ago. I felt a calm because I knew what to expect, but a fear because I knew what to expect. Those feelings were in constant competition as we walked the halls of the hospital waiting for your commencement. As I progressed, I felt more and more confident with getting through the labor exactly the way I was hoping to. I was so proud to have birthed two babies in the way I had intended, and to have both healthy and happy. I now realize more and more what an amazing gift that is, so many mothers do not have. 

But my sweet E, who knew that getting you here, although proud to have done it, was not at all the challenge, compared to raising you up? These first two years of your life have flown by, everyone says it does, but it is not tangible to a mom-to-be until they be-a-mom. 

My always talking, singing, and dancing baby girl with an unmeasurable spirit. With sun-kissed hair, wolf blue big-as-saucers eyes, contagious guttural giggle, over the belt loops belly, sing-songy voice, rough and tumble, slightly girlish, dressed in sunshine, head cocked have been an amazing addition to our home. I'm so blessed to have the chance to watch you grow up! On this day of celebrating your arrival into our family, into our hearts,  I want to tell you that I love you, I live and breathe for you and our family, and I pray each day that we will have a relationship that is loving, leaning, listening, and learning for all the days to come. May you dwell the strength and love for life you do today for all of your days ahead. 


Brittne said...

Happy Birthday E!!!

Morgyn said...

Beyond precious description. You are such a great writer!

Happy Birthday E! And will you please pass along the message..."Aunt" Morgyn's been a bit busy so E's card just got put into the mail TODAY. It IS coming though!

Bummed I can't be there to celebrate with the family. Hope you have a BLAST!

Love you! Miss you!