Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring BREAK

they don't know that they missed out on Disney
they didn't ask why we were not riding on a plane
there was no talk of what do we get here and what are you going to give me there
they simply, very simply, wanted to stay at a hotel that has a waterside for a slide
and eat waffles for breakfast
it was perfect
and simple
and so Ben and Emme
I love that Emme was not even able to ride the waterslide
and you would have never known she was missing out on anything
she made her own fun
that is MY GIRL

It was a red letter break for them both
and, literally, all we did, was a day at this hotel, a few playdates, and just spent time together
board games, baking, grilling, drawing, singing and dancing,

simple pleasures

taking life in

watching the world go by, 
in a blur

conquering fears

making our own family fun

a short season

I don't think it should be much for a boy of six
a little practice
exposed to a few games
and that is it

and that is JUST what it was
at the Y
six weeks of practice
one hour
one night a week
and a few games on the Saturdays in between
all it took to make him soar
he really did well
got in there when he needed to
dribbled the ball
hustled and paid good attention
and check him out
guarding the boy with the ball:)
never mind that they are wearing the same color....

what a fun season of basketball
just enough exposure to make him want more

Thank you

The second day B stayed home sick , he was beginning to feel much better. So we worked on a few projects. One of which was writing thank you notes to all of his wonderful family and friends. This was a proud process for mama. I loved talking with him about the importance of saying thank you, but even more, I loved learning from him what it means to be thankful. He was so careful with his words, did not want to rush through his writing, and had a specific process he wanted to take in completing the task. Proud Mama, proud boy.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Animoto Video

This last week I went to a technology conference and came home to a sick boy. So, needless to say, between some cuddles and movies I had some time on my hands to play with what I learned. This video is a product of my time.....

What do you think?

By the way, he is MUCH better......

Now we are just praying no one else gets it........

My Animoto Video