Thursday, June 30, 2011

Norman Rockewell

Sometimes living in Carthage feels like you are, quite literally, in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting. 
Most of the time, that is a great thing. Although, one must remember, that if you are, in fact, IN a NR painting, then all can see your business anytime they choose to open the book with the collection of paintings in it, or walk by that painting on the wall and notice all the details and form an opinion about whether it is or is not painted beautifully.......if you get my drift.

But tonight
all the little bits of Norman fell together and painted a lovely picture of life.
Tonight was the fourth of july parade.
From wagons to mountain bikes
They were all decked out in stars and stripes
A trip to the dollar store for decorations
and B and E's trainers fit right in...
See that golf cart dressed in red, white and blue in the front of the pack? In it sits the GM of the parade, Mrs. Rosenthal.
She was Dad-O's kindergarten teacher, then the first principal he ever worked for, in the same building great grandpa went to school, where B will go to Kindergarten this fall and E the next! Oh, yes, you read that correctly.

And these neighborhood mommies know what they are doing. They have been perfecting this parade for years. Patriotic cookies, lemonade, treat bags to take home, popsicles, they have thought of everything.
I look forward to becoming one of the mommy contributors as B and E get older. Right now we are guests, and I am thankful to be included, but I hope to help these women someday, and become a mommy like they are. Ya know, the types whose home is where everyone wants to end up after school and on Friday nights.

 Nothing completes a fourth of July parade like a good batch of fireworks.
tonight was our 4 dollar batch
Complete with snappers, poppers, smoke bombs and 2 punks.
every ounce of her went into snapping those snappers I'll tell ya....
......and they danced in the rainbow of smoke
until the heat finally forced them into submission
and it was good
Norman Rockwell good.


She has had two lessons
and once I get passed the nostalgia that takes me to my time at the dance studio,
I struggle with wrapping my brain around the fact that my little girl is big enough to be in ballet class.
In typical E fashion, the statement of her outfit and the stamp on her hand a the end of the lesson makes Wednesday a red letter day for sure.
But I just can't believe this is my baby....
The pale pink leotard and tights against her buttery soft skin is quite a sight.
My stomach lurches when I see those sweet blonde hairs against her sun-kissed skin, considering the life she has ahead of her, and the grace in which I pray she can take it on. She is so innocent and sees the world with such joy, I am constantly on my knees, asking for guidance to help her to keep that zest for life.
Oh, sweet girl, how I love and adore who you are and who you will become. If the arsenal of "who you are"  includes ballerina I will love and support you with each passing day, and I will always be moved by that pale pink leotard on your buttery soft, sun-kissed skin. With blonde whisps swept off your neck but tickling your temples, and the bulk of your hair in a sideways bun clinging on for dear life on the back of your head.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you Watching?

Dear Ben, 
Are you watching him?
When he turns off the television and reads you a book.
When he laughs his silly laugh as if no one else in the world can hear him.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he is loyal to his closest friends, and willing to do what he can for them.
When he thanks Mommy for every meal and all she does.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he respects his parents and in-laws and elders.
When he coaches you in sports.
When he reads you Bible stories and takes us all to church.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he is o.k. with crying when he is moved.
When he lets you help him make breakfast, even if he is in a hurry.
When he does the dishes and cleans your rooms.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he helps you learn new things with so much patience and love.
When he hangs out with you and lets Mommy have time for herself.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he takes care of your sister and tells her how loved she is.
And when he expects the same from you.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
When he throws you on his back or shoulders, even when he is tired.
When he wrestles with you and plays with you, even when the game is on.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
Play dolls and dress-up and girly stuff with your sister.
Are you watching him?
When he is a part of most of our family time and adventures.
Are you watching him?
When he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Are you watching him?
When he tells you elaborate good night stories every night he is home to put you to bed.
{which is almost all of them}

Are you watching him?
When he does not wear his emotions on his sleeves and keeps a level head.
Are you watching him?
When he flirts with Mommy, even when they have been married for 11 years.
Are you watching him?
Are you watching him?
Be the Dad I can only hope you become for your children
{With YOUR own twist of course.}

Are you watching him?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

a count

11 years
5,785,436 minutes
132 months
3 states
3 countries
12 addresses
3 mortgages
7 rentals
2 live-ins
100 coats of paint
10 cars
2 dogs
2 births
1 loss
9 employers
1 bachelor's degree
2 masters degrees
1 specialists degree
3 churches
countless friendships
4 cameras
1 kitchen aid mixer
3 grills
2 fences
1 set of never used china
1 bathroom remodel
6 bikes
4 drills
12 stitches
5 fork in the road decisions
10,000 tears
one million laughs
2 precious children

Friday, June 10, 2011

Farmer's Market & Praying Hands

We have been to the Farmer's Market and Praying Hands many times
but on our way there with Dad-O this am he informed me 
it was his first visit with us.
Reminding me again of the blessing it has been for me to stay home these last five years.
I have been so fortunate to get these experiences with my babes
and now fortunate enough to have time to share them with Dad-O

We climbed on the hands 
and posed for pics
{B reminded me to grab my camera on the way out}

We walked the tracks to the market, where we shared a loaf
of asiago bread and a fruit smoothie for lunch

and we took turns performing for each other on stage
E sang "Twinkle Twinkle" and "ABCD's"
Dad-O did the "shake your booty dance"
B sand Peanut Butter and Jelly (a family favorite)
and Mommy sang hits from the sound of music {glee style, according to Dad-O}


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Progression

6 weeks
6 months
ONE year

Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you have not discovered Pinterest
you should check it out
just be warned
it is highly addictive
so don't be mad at me if you find yourself
sitting at your computer an hour later
wondering where the time went
check out my pinterest button if you have a minute
My son loves looking over my shoulder at all the awesome pictures
of creative things to do
It is full of awesome things to do with your kids, decorating and organizing ideas, recipes
clothing options, to name a few.....
Ben discovered lego cakes and has been insisting we make them for weeks now
so we made chocolate legos for dessert the other night
and boy were they tasty
and pretty cute too!!
Happy Pinning!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Traditions

Emerging with sleepy eyes
and sucking her thumb
wooby in hand
She was surrounded by pink, pink, and more pink ballons
her other three greeted her with hugs and "happy birthday"
and soon she was dancing in a sea of pink balls
throwing them over her head and smiling up as they floated past her sweet smile to the floor

After her requested real meal of bacon and "Emme Eggs"
she got her first song of the day 
accompanied by a chocolate donut tower
with four mis-matched candles from birthdays passed
She listened patiently as we sang her the first of many birthday wishes of the day

Dressed in her tattered Belle costume
and braided hair laying on her left cheek
my four year old girl carefully chose her four donuts she would 
nibble as songs from "Annie" played on Pandora in the background

and before eating them she had to make a joke 
to be absolutely sure she was the one we were all paying attention to
....and laughing at

brother gave her the gift he had chosen for her and wrapped with such precision and care

And she gave her very best,drama-filled, screeching voice, enthusiastic, ALL EMME response.