Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Traditions

Emerging with sleepy eyes
and sucking her thumb
wooby in hand
She was surrounded by pink, pink, and more pink ballons
her other three greeted her with hugs and "happy birthday"
and soon she was dancing in a sea of pink balls
throwing them over her head and smiling up as they floated past her sweet smile to the floor

After her requested real meal of bacon and "Emme Eggs"
she got her first song of the day 
accompanied by a chocolate donut tower
with four mis-matched candles from birthdays passed
She listened patiently as we sang her the first of many birthday wishes of the day

Dressed in her tattered Belle costume
and braided hair laying on her left cheek
my four year old girl carefully chose her four donuts she would 
nibble as songs from "Annie" played on Pandora in the background

and before eating them she had to make a joke 
to be absolutely sure she was the one we were all paying attention to
....and laughing at

brother gave her the gift he had chosen for her and wrapped with such precision and care

And she gave her very best,drama-filled, screeching voice, enthusiastic, ALL EMME response.

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