Thursday, June 30, 2011

Norman Rockewell

Sometimes living in Carthage feels like you are, quite literally, in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting. 
Most of the time, that is a great thing. Although, one must remember, that if you are, in fact, IN a NR painting, then all can see your business anytime they choose to open the book with the collection of paintings in it, or walk by that painting on the wall and notice all the details and form an opinion about whether it is or is not painted beautifully.......if you get my drift.

But tonight
all the little bits of Norman fell together and painted a lovely picture of life.
Tonight was the fourth of july parade.
From wagons to mountain bikes
They were all decked out in stars and stripes
A trip to the dollar store for decorations
and B and E's trainers fit right in...
See that golf cart dressed in red, white and blue in the front of the pack? In it sits the GM of the parade, Mrs. Rosenthal.
She was Dad-O's kindergarten teacher, then the first principal he ever worked for, in the same building great grandpa went to school, where B will go to Kindergarten this fall and E the next! Oh, yes, you read that correctly.

And these neighborhood mommies know what they are doing. They have been perfecting this parade for years. Patriotic cookies, lemonade, treat bags to take home, popsicles, they have thought of everything.
I look forward to becoming one of the mommy contributors as B and E get older. Right now we are guests, and I am thankful to be included, but I hope to help these women someday, and become a mommy like they are. Ya know, the types whose home is where everyone wants to end up after school and on Friday nights.

 Nothing completes a fourth of July parade like a good batch of fireworks.
tonight was our 4 dollar batch
Complete with snappers, poppers, smoke bombs and 2 punks.
every ounce of her went into snapping those snappers I'll tell ya....
......and they danced in the rainbow of smoke
until the heat finally forced them into submission
and it was good
Norman Rockwell good.

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