Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Early Visit

It seems like not so long ago that your sweet baby teeth were pushing through your gums, giving you a fever as you struggled to sleep at night. I imagined you were experiencing a dull ache in your head and you had a tendency to "gum" your food.

Now, for a whole other reason, you seem to be experiencing the same troubles. Struggling to sleep, gumming your food and saying "my head hurts a little bit, Mommy" I imagine after a fall like the one you had at school you will probably be losing your two front teeth. Many parents have said to me in the past two days that their child has experienced something similiar and kept the teeth, but I say to them, you have not seen my baby. The tooth that he did not chip on the monkey bars this summer is seeming to hang on, but the other front tooth has gotten more and more loose over the past few days. He now has a fever that does not want to go away with motrin or tylenol, and a blister and bruising along his gum line that extends out to the 5th and 6th top teeth. My poor baby is in pain, and it shows. We will be heading to the dentist on Monday (hopefully) where we will determine if an early visit from the tooth fairy is inevitable. He has started an antibiotic after a late night trip to urgent care last night. Time will tell. I will not be posting a picture, for this is one thing I do NOT want to capture on film, and hope to forget about in time, so no picture to help remember, even when I can look back on this time and smile. Wonder when that will be?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's hard to 'be in the now'.
Laundry, appointments, errands, cleaning, nose & nether region wiping.
You get swept away with the monotony

My husband reminds me often......
the need tos and have tos can be great opportunities
to teach, and spend time
and enjoy my sweet babes.
Thanks Dad-O!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thumb Sucker

I have two little thumbies
They're with me day and night.
My favorite thumb is on my left.
The other's on my right
My thumbies always comfort me
when I am feeling sad.
They help me to protect myself
when I am feeling mad.
My thumbies help me fall asleep
when I am feeling tired.
I do not know how better friends
could ever be desired.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Life

She is on her way!!!! And I can't wait to meet her!!!!
Praying for you my precious friend, your life is about to get so much better!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A favorite...........

The year we moved back to MO was a difficult year of transition. My husband gave me a card on our anniversary that had an anonymous quote on the front. I often refer to this quote that now hangs on our refrigerator just waiting for me to create a beautiful way for it to be displayed. I think I struggle with how to display it because the words are such beauty all by themselves. It is a favorite........

We did not come here to fit in.
We came here to be who we are.
We did not come here to work.
We came here to live our dreams.
We did not come here for the stuff.
We came here to love each other.
We did not come here by accident.
We came here with a purpose,
that is uniquely or own.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bouncing into Birthday

This year was B's first birthday where he got to invite friends and chose the venue. Up to now we have had cake and ice cream at our home with family. Benjamin decided early on that he wanted a train cookie cake and he wanted to celebrate at the House of Bounce. I was excited about not baking (because I don't) and was unsure of how the HOB would turn out. I made reservations for the HOB and ordered the cake. I found some train themed invitations at Hobby Lobby for 2 dollars a pack of 10. Benjamin helped me make the list, put the stamps on the envelopes and went with Dad-O to the post office to drop them off. It was great lead up to get him excited for his big day.

I am not sure why I was apprehensive about the HOB but I was wrong to be concerned. It was so much fun!!! As you can see!
IT was the perfect venue, and the 10 kids that came had a great time. The adults seemed to have a great time too.

Benjamin has so many people who love him! Great friends and awesome adults in his life! It was a RED letter day!!
friends attended: Allie and Brody, Austin and Will, Garrison and Riley, Aiden and Abby
gifts included: whack a mole game, fishing game, jungle book dvd, star wars kite and bubbles, arts and crafts stuff, trio building blocks

Friday, February 19, 2010

The art of GIVING

After our birthday morning traditions, Benjamin got to open his present from Emme and presents from us. He has wanted these small monster trucks called "powerscouts" for a while now, after playing with them at some friend's house. So, he got a whole set up of them from Mommy and Dad-O. He was so excited! I loved seeing him open his gifts like such a big boy and reacting in such a grown-up way, really understanding the celebration. Emme and I went and picked out a gift to give B from just her a few days prior. She helped me wrap it and actually kept it a secret until he opened it. She was so precious to watch, sitting back and watching her big brother in the spotlight, excited to give him the "thomas roller coaster" she had chosen for him. I am so proud of them both in so many ways. Watching them go through the gift opening process proved to me, once again, they do listen to us, and they are grateful for what they have.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Morning Traditions

He had balloons waiting outside his door. We were going to put them inside his room, but we are weird about the possibility of waking our children before it is time (that might be because their time is usually so early). It was funny to watch him adjust to waking up, first walking around them, and then realizing with a smile that the balloons were, in fact, for him, the birthday boy!!!

He also got a chocolate donut cake with four candles on it and his first of many happy birthday's sung to him for the day. Two simple things that will each year mark the passing of another year.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few Valentine's Day Traditions

LUV juice with heart shaped ice......yum, yum!
Valentine Cookies...... decorated with LUV
Much of which end up in our tummies
and "hand" made Valentines to our Dad-O with the sweetest LUV notes

Monday, February 15, 2010

A letter to my baby boy on his fourth birthday

You came into my world
my world shifted
it will never be the same
has never had more meaning
You have my hair and my nose
my tendency to be....type A
you made me re-think unconditional love
you gave me a patience and a calm I never knew
but also an incomparable fear and worry
You changed my perspective
you made me a mother
Thank you...................

You were conceived after trying for what seemed like an eternity
I took a test in the early morning hours and hopped back into bed
we turned it over together to were on your way
we felt your presence even before my tummy grew
we learned you were a boy, holding hands, looking at each other
we prepared for your arrival
then you came and we realized nothing could have prepared us
you brought us joy unspeakable
you made us parents
Thank you......................

he touched my tummy to feel you kick
he held my left leg, coached, danced, and rocked with me through the pain
he cut the cord and lay you on my empty tummy
I saw him over your shoulder when you took your first steps
you have his almond shaped eyes, his hands, and his swagger
you made him a Dad-O, you gave him the name
Thank you...................

You, glorious you
have the face of a cherub
the biggest of hearts
a love for life
a willingness to touch and hold softly
an "all boy" spirit
you have no idea how strong you are
but would not hurt a fly
you have perfected the art of winking {and it melts me every time}
butter soft skin, white blond hair that is darkening over time
sea blue eyes that sparkle when you laugh
a sense of humor like your Dad-O
a strong need to protect your sister
but you still let her get under your skin
a drive to follow the rules
do things "the right way"
you want to know how things work
find un-conventional ways to "play"
love it when I sing to you
and when Dad-O pretends to scare you
you are rough and tumble and willing to snuggle too
you are you
Thank you.......................

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

The little things....

This is a saying I look at everyday
It sets in our kitchen (my artistic ability is in other media)
I can't seem to get the motivation to erase and replace this quote
with something that draws more emotion out of me
this quote has layers of meaning to me......
I came home the other day feeling extremely tired and just kind of angry at the world that I was sick, my son had been sick, my husband's back hurt, and my daughter was having some private issues too. I was just down. I went back in my closet, ripped off my heels (that were killing my feet) and glanced down at where they landed. This is what I saw.....
It brought an instant smile to my face. Thinking of my precious daughter and her love of all things miniature, of her sweet hands that must have dropped this little purse in my closet. I thought of her little feet that carried her into my closet and wondered what her little mind might have been thinking when she looked around at her mommies belongings......
the little things.............
And these little trains that I constantly step on, and boy does it hurt. These little trains are a reminder to me. That precious little voice exclaiming "choo-choo" and him asking me for help creating his track layouts. Those sweet little hands with fingernails just like his Dad-O's wrapped tightly around those trains pushing them into different scenarios that his amazing imagination has conjured up. They remind me of his need for me to help him, his love of playing with his mommy,his innocence....

the little things..............