Friday, February 19, 2010

The art of GIVING

After our birthday morning traditions, Benjamin got to open his present from Emme and presents from us. He has wanted these small monster trucks called "powerscouts" for a while now, after playing with them at some friend's house. So, he got a whole set up of them from Mommy and Dad-O. He was so excited! I loved seeing him open his gifts like such a big boy and reacting in such a grown-up way, really understanding the celebration. Emme and I went and picked out a gift to give B from just her a few days prior. She helped me wrap it and actually kept it a secret until he opened it. She was so precious to watch, sitting back and watching her big brother in the spotlight, excited to give him the "thomas roller coaster" she had chosen for him. I am so proud of them both in so many ways. Watching them go through the gift opening process proved to me, once again, they do listen to us, and they are grateful for what they have.

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