Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Early Visit

It seems like not so long ago that your sweet baby teeth were pushing through your gums, giving you a fever as you struggled to sleep at night. I imagined you were experiencing a dull ache in your head and you had a tendency to "gum" your food.

Now, for a whole other reason, you seem to be experiencing the same troubles. Struggling to sleep, gumming your food and saying "my head hurts a little bit, Mommy" I imagine after a fall like the one you had at school you will probably be losing your two front teeth. Many parents have said to me in the past two days that their child has experienced something similiar and kept the teeth, but I say to them, you have not seen my baby. The tooth that he did not chip on the monkey bars this summer is seeming to hang on, but the other front tooth has gotten more and more loose over the past few days. He now has a fever that does not want to go away with motrin or tylenol, and a blister and bruising along his gum line that extends out to the 5th and 6th top teeth. My poor baby is in pain, and it shows. We will be heading to the dentist on Monday (hopefully) where we will determine if an early visit from the tooth fairy is inevitable. He has started an antibiotic after a late night trip to urgent care last night. Time will tell. I will not be posting a picture, for this is one thing I do NOT want to capture on film, and hope to forget about in time, so no picture to help remember, even when I can look back on this time and smile. Wonder when that will be?


M.O.T.B said...

Oh no!!! Poor baby! I hope it goes okay at the dentist today!!!! I am sorry he has to go through this:(

Molly said...

Poor thing! That sounds miserable. Hope the dentist visit goes well!

Brooke said...

Hoping the dentist visit goes well today and that B finds some relief ;-) Thinking of you guys.