Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

It is probably the last year we will be able to talk them into sharing one house.
But they each took a side
We borrowed the leftovers from Mimi's big gingerbread get together
and off they went

We managed to keep the stomach aches at bay by convincing them that the candy was "old" from Mimi's house. (we aren't that mean, they got to have a few bites here and there)

And they were so proud of their creation.
Made together, 
with little bickering,
 lots of fun, 
and a wonderful picture,
 of two proud, 
getting to old for this momma, sweet littles.

Dollar Store FUN

Out third annual trip to the Dollar Store for all of our "guests" was a success!

With each passing year the tag-alongs have become more and more thoughtful in their gift giving!

This year was no different....
From writing their own lists
to what they actually chose to give, their hearts were placed in front of my eyes as they walked through the isles in search of the perfect gift for each recipient.

A few wonderful examples.
For Nonni: a lantern for the next Roaring River trip
Charlie: candles for his store
Chet: an ice scraper because they do not have a garage
Mimi: a cookie sheet to bake gingerbread on for next year's house
Tyler: a light to hook to her book while she reads

My precious and thoughtful babes, 
this tradition will continue, 
for you are teaching me
the art of  giving.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ritzy snowmen

Peanut butter filled ritz crackers dunked in chocolate are the best Christmas treat...can I get an AMEN?

So this year we added a little fun to the process of creating them.

Got a package of flat craft sticks, some sprinkles and mini m&ms and we had ourselves a snowman party!

They were as good, if not better, than I remember them as a kid.

And this one we will certainly be adding to our string of Christmas traditions. Such a fun time!

And we even made some nutter butter santas. Cause we're cool like that!