Monday, August 23, 2010

Pinkalicious and Bluetastic

With Dad-O still home
we are making the most of our time
spending the days
checking things off our list
and adding new adventures as well

inspired by the book "Pinkalicious"
we decided to bake some yummy cupcakes
six pink and six blue respectively

and then we ate them..........

Saturday, August 21, 2010

they keep getting better....

Third Thursday....
We have been to several and they just keep getting better
a few of the same haunts
throwing coins in the fountain
people watching

walking hand in hand
this time with Nonni and Aunt Shannon
and of course Poppy came along for the fun

we shared some fabulous cupcakes too!

but this time
Oh, there was dancing
Lots of dancing
and one of many beginnings to an appreciation 
for live music

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ride the trolley......check

I had a difficult time loading the pictures from the adventure off Nonni's phone, 
but I wanted to document the most recent adventure on the summer list.
Nonni and Poppy, along with Aunt Shannon
got to experience first hand how much fun it is for the adults as well as it is fun for the kids
to put a check in the box
that is the summer list

Thanks for taking the kids on such a fun adventure yesterday
I know it is one that will be in stories and memories for years to come.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With a slight break in the hot weather
and everyone else at school
we decided it was a great day to check off a new adventure
It is always so amazing to experience something through their child eyes
bouncing around from green to green
placing the colorful balls just close enough to the hole
to easily have 
something to celebrate

and even though the grip was slightly off with Ben
the aim was dead on 
and a true hole in one was achieved
Punky had a slightly different approach
but as always, was able to entertain herself
with ease
I am so thankful to have Dad-o here with us for just a bit longer
and knowing he has nowhere else he would rather be
makes my heart smile

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Em

I said a prayer for you tonight..........
I prayed that you will be a girl who can make friends easily
one who is loyal and honest
and who does not have to get her heart broken by her friends to often
but if it has to happen.......
you will learn from it and know better what you want in future friends
and what kind of friend you need to become.

But when I prayed that prayer
I thought of you in your middle and high school years
knowing that it will take some time to find out who you are and what you need
in your friendships

And then my prayer turned to thoughts of you at my age
and I asked God to give you a handful of friends like I have
friends that will put there life on hold for a few hours
and take the time to surprise you
and share a lovely lunch with you
and tell you it's going to be alright
 and wish you well on your next adventure

friends who will hug you when you are speechless
 just smile 
and need to say nothing

from all different places in your life
that each fulfill you in their own unique way
whom you love
you can cry to
who love you back
for being 
just who you are


{thank you Kiley, Whitney, Mandy, Brooke and Jenny}
(missed you Ashley and Kristen)
for such a memorable day the perfect time!
Love you all
may Em have people fill her like you all fill me!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


precious piggies donning a size 8 and 9 respectively
quietly watching the ball progress toward 10 statues
cheering on the pink sphere after perfect assistance from Dad-O
a sweet and thoughtful boy squeezing every ounce in tight anticipation
protecting the ball he calls his own for the time we are there
confidently becoming one's own cheering section
and oh, the buttons to be pushed, and contraptions to be studied
dreaming of the next "summer list" adventure whose box to the left will soon house a checkmark

Monday, August 9, 2010

playing games

One of the activities on our Summer to do's 
is learning how to play candyland and chutes and ladders
After all, it is CRAZY hot out, so finding the fun inside is 
not a bad idea
Candyland was first...
the littles loved the bright colors
and the candy references throughout
and getting a card with a picture on it
produced a better reaction than Christmas morning
Our rule follower caught on really quick
and certainly understands what it means to take turns
and not to be a sore looser
and cheering on the other players

Our Precious Punky Brewster

not so much!!!