Saturday, January 26, 2013

our sweet scout

This year, following in Dad-o's footsteps, Ben joined Cub Scouts. Of all the things we have let him try thus far, Scouts is front-runner. He absolutely loves it! So when the Pinewood Derby came to town, of course he was up for the challenge. I am still learning about this culture so I may not use the right words in the description of this process. However, it is more about HIS process than anything else. 

Dad-O and Ben worked so hard on his car. He carefully chose his colors, looked at many pictures and body styles on the internet, sanded his little fingers off, and even reached out to the experienced Papa just before the race. And in the end, he was one PROUD boy. And we were PROUD parents. I love the above picture of him eying his creation with such a spirited grin.

After two races, Ben's car had not won any. But he walked straight to the winner and told them "good job" and held back a few tears and a lump in his throat like a good gentleman does. And by the third race, I captured this sweet glance back at me right before the release. He wanted to feel the win so badly, I could see it in his whole body.

But it was not in the cards for him and the orange car this year. I know it was hard for him, it was hard to see that look in his eyes. But I am so proud of him today. He has such an amazing heart. He was happy for his friends that won, and stood by the friends he could relate to in their  loss. He was just as I could hope for and then some. Ben always leaves me in awe as I look on. I know that today was hard for him.  I hope he realizes that the time with Dad-o and the process leading up to the race is just as,  if not,  more important. I think he does. 

And I hope he moves forward from today with a competitive drive to do better next year, and see this as opportunity to do things differently next time. We will see.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The kids got home a few days back, and each pulled from their backpack a little white piece of paper written by their teacher. Inside both papers, the same thing was written. "Please come to the assembly on Wednesday, your son/daughter will be honored for the character trait of the month....Service"

I was so glad to get to play Mommy for a brief moment in the day and watch my precious charges be rewarded for their treatment of others. I am simply amazed by these kids....daily, and I am so proud to call them mine.