Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye Hoot Owls

There is something about new socks, new underwear, and NEW PJ's, wouldn't you agree???? The Dad-O and I went to the store today to find B some new pj's. His tall frame has made all of his existing 'jammies' look like he is preparing for the water to rise. We found the most precious sleepers with dinosaurs on them, a pair with alligators and bears in all sorts of fun retro colors, and a set with hoot owls, campfires, and trees speckled through top and bottom. I was so excited and my heart fluttered a bit when I thought of his precious blond locks bouncing around in them before bed. The hubby headed to the dressing room to try on a pair of pants and came back with a double-pack of spider man jams. He told me of how he still remembered his aqua-man pj's and we both began to discuss the fact that our little boy has officially grown out of the aforementioned pajamas. After our slightly watered eyes met with a grin to the future we found another two pack of superheroes waiting to find a home and headed to the register. We gave them to B tonight when he got out of the bath and as you can see, as much as we would like to cover him in retro colors and hoot owls, he is a little boy in bloom. E on the other hand transformed from a baby girl to a toddler/15 year old in such a rapid progression that both our heads are still spinning. Nonetheless, E had her "new to her" pj's given to her tonight as well. Polka dots, snowflakes with pastel stripes, and butterflies respectively. It has been a long and sickly few days in this house, so to top the weekend with new bounty was much needed by these babes in recovery.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I used to think........

A good day was evidenced by the smiles on their faces, how well they slept, if they ate 3 good meals, the toy room was picked up, everyone was clean, we learned something new that day, etc. etc. etc................
Now, all of that is great, but a dirty bathtub after the bubbles and water recede.......
that says a lot about how great the day was too!!!
Oh, how I love this life!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Third Thursday

Last Thursday, this town I grew up in, moved back to, and now raise my kids in had a little art fair/animal exhibit/gathering of, smattering of, people on downtown Main Street. Our proud family of four decided to check it out.
As I have mentioned in previous posts, B and E love a good fountain. I knew that our local newspaper had a few fountains in front (and on Main St. too), so B and E filled their wallets with "monnies" and we began our evening with tossing handfuls of shiny rounds into the water.
After too many trips balancing their way around the rim of the fountains to count, a rest was in need. So a stop off on the bench with "Copper" was the next on our agenda.
A visit to the grassy knoll in front of the library to see a few birds, one would normally spot high in a tree or captured in a photograph, up close and personal! B especially enjoyed this leg of our adventure!
We ran into Nonni, had a quick visit, saw Uncle Chet in the new store, and shared a yummy sandwich to round out the evening.
Want to take a guess where we will be the third Thursday in October?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can I Please put a Brick on their heads????

As summer is coming to an end, and winterizing our home, garage, and wardrobe draws near. I look at where B and E were this time last year and I am amazed at the progress they have made. It is going TOO fast!!! B has not been too interested in riding a bike, so he is a bit behind the times, but as he gains more interest in getting from here to there even faster than his precious size 10's will take him, he is gradually gaining interest. And E, well, who knows if E can ride a bike? We just know she is certainly NOT going to let us in on that one until she is darn good and ready....and until then....she is, at the very least, going to look good trying...........wouldn't you agree????

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mouths of Babes

B asked me yesterday "Mommy, do you have a baby in your belly?" I would like to think this question came because three very special people in our lives do, in fact, have babies in their bellies....not because of the way mine looks?????Anyway........"No, son, I do not!"

b- "Mommy, was I a baby in your tummy?

m- "Yes, you were, and so was E"

b- "Was it dark in there?"

m- "I suppose it probably was B, good thinking!"

b- "Was I in there with your food, too?"

m- "In a way, yes B, you were, also great thinking!"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goin' Fishin'

A couple of Sundays ago, the cherubs woke up from their slumber to discover they would get to go fishing with Nonni and Poppy. They were so delighted!

So with pants and tennis shoes on, poles in hand, and smiles on they went!
E caught 3 fish and Ben caught 4 respectively. Nonni and Poppy let them leave the fish on the line and throw it back out, bring it back in, pretending to catch yet another. (as only a grandparent could, I love it!!)
After some climbing of trees and gates, and wading in the creek, it was time for a milkshake and a park visit.
I love this picture of B, but notice the beaming grandpa behind him, what a smile!!! Makes me so proud!
After the adventure.....they returned home very dirty and very tired!

Evidence of a GREAT DAY!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

You Scream


A few days ago, the apples of my eyes had a well child doctor's appointment.
I did not plan so well for the visit, making it at 2:00 on a day they had school until 1:00.
This means we would usually be smack in the middle of our afternoon nap.
So I had to get creative!

To my knowledge, the kids have not had ice cream cones before.
No judgement please,they have had PLENTY of milkshakes!
So on this day that was inevitably going to end in tears (shots for both) I thought it would be a good adventure between school and Dr. for us.
It was so fun to watch them experience ice cream in swirled form....

battle with the brain freeze, desperate to eat more through the pain.....
Finding pure joy in little things such as McD's with MomBE!

(MomBE is still working on keep the wipes to a minimum, between each lick)

And the shots weren't so bad either!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Recent Project

Every once in a while, the former teacher in me takes over and I feel the need to do something creative. Something creative that does not involve "NO, honey, keep the paint on the paper!" or "Don't forget to put the lid back on!" or "No, son, your sister is NOT considered paper!"
So, the other day I filled a lonely space on our wall with these lovely silhouettes of the babes...
aren't they precious???

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes I am not sure we have learned a thing?

During a quiet conversation with the Dad-O over a cold beverage, we discussed how nice it was that our two and three year old were such cherubs to allow for us to get through half of a drink without having to check on them and hearing no arguments in the background.

Then this walked out...

Wondering if we have learned ANYTHING???

They certainly have!
Steps for the perfect garden:
1) place pictures from backpacks neatly in a row on the carpet
2) carefully squirt one dollop of lotion on each individual picture
3) Sprinkle the pictures (and more importantly your sister) with as much baby powder as possible.