Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodbye Hoot Owls

There is something about new socks, new underwear, and NEW PJ's, wouldn't you agree???? The Dad-O and I went to the store today to find B some new pj's. His tall frame has made all of his existing 'jammies' look like he is preparing for the water to rise. We found the most precious sleepers with dinosaurs on them, a pair with alligators and bears in all sorts of fun retro colors, and a set with hoot owls, campfires, and trees speckled through top and bottom. I was so excited and my heart fluttered a bit when I thought of his precious blond locks bouncing around in them before bed. The hubby headed to the dressing room to try on a pair of pants and came back with a double-pack of spider man jams. He told me of how he still remembered his aqua-man pj's and we both began to discuss the fact that our little boy has officially grown out of the aforementioned pajamas. After our slightly watered eyes met with a grin to the future we found another two pack of superheroes waiting to find a home and headed to the register. We gave them to B tonight when he got out of the bath and as you can see, as much as we would like to cover him in retro colors and hoot owls, he is a little boy in bloom. E on the other hand transformed from a baby girl to a toddler/15 year old in such a rapid progression that both our heads are still spinning. Nonetheless, E had her "new to her" pj's given to her tonight as well. Polka dots, snowflakes with pastel stripes, and butterflies respectively. It has been a long and sickly few days in this house, so to top the weekend with new bounty was much needed by these babes in recovery.

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krae said...

Love the little super hero!!