Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sometimes I am not sure we have learned a thing?

During a quiet conversation with the Dad-O over a cold beverage, we discussed how nice it was that our two and three year old were such cherubs to allow for us to get through half of a drink without having to check on them and hearing no arguments in the background.

Then this walked out...

Wondering if we have learned ANYTHING???

They certainly have!
Steps for the perfect garden:
1) place pictures from backpacks neatly in a row on the carpet
2) carefully squirt one dollop of lotion on each individual picture
3) Sprinkle the pictures (and more importantly your sister) with as much baby powder as possible.


M.O.T.B said...

I love their little voices!!!

j said...

hey, they had to plant some tomatoes in the garden, i completely understand, excuse me while i put some baby powder on my face for my throbbing headache. great medical advice, ben!

Shannon said...

b and e you just made my day! Great video mom! I could not stop laughing! Thanks for the great start to my day!
Aunt Shannon

T. Hart said...

hahaha! Priceless!