Friday, September 4, 2009

You Scream


A few days ago, the apples of my eyes had a well child doctor's appointment.
I did not plan so well for the visit, making it at 2:00 on a day they had school until 1:00.
This means we would usually be smack in the middle of our afternoon nap.
So I had to get creative!

To my knowledge, the kids have not had ice cream cones before.
No judgement please,they have had PLENTY of milkshakes!
So on this day that was inevitably going to end in tears (shots for both) I thought it would be a good adventure between school and Dr. for us.
It was so fun to watch them experience ice cream in swirled form....

battle with the brain freeze, desperate to eat more through the pain.....
Finding pure joy in little things such as McD's with MomBE!

(MomBE is still working on keep the wipes to a minimum, between each lick)

And the shots weren't so bad either!

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Shannon said...

Great pics sister and looked like you had fun. I hope the dr. appt. went as good as possible!