Thursday, April 30, 2009




Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Play

The 101.....Putting BABIES to BED

1) Line babies up so they all get a taste of the pillow
2) Make sure everyone on the bed is naked enough to be comfortable (this especially means NO shoes!)

3) Read the baby dolls a fabulous book, one that will keep their interest, but tired their eyes at
 the same time.

4) Say your nite-nite prayers with the babies. Clasping not only the hands, but involving
the feet when praying shows even more reverence.

5) Give each baby a special kiss to let them know you will be there for them when they wake up

6) You may have to lay next to your babies for a bit and share your woobie with them, but it won't take long for them to meet the sandman. 

7) Make sure they have fallen fast asleep and R.E.M is undoubtedly where they are at........and..........wait for it..............
8) Toss them all OVERBOARD, damaging their psyche, for a greater portion of their teenage years.

SWEET BABIES.......Hope your dreams were beautiful.....while they lasted!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recipe for Respite: STARBURST

We love starburst! They are a candy that can require a lot of work to open, a little learning to categorize, a pinch of fun with building towers, and they taste good too! If you are careful, they will also give you a bit of quiet respite!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Time Alone NEVER Hurt Anyone

I remember when I was school aged, I had many friends who were completely unwilling to go anywhere alone. The joke about the girls going in groups to the restrooms is around for a reason. Now, I know times have changed, and there are sadly too many things to mention that young kids can't do alone for safety reasons. But, with safety to always be considered, I do have a hope for my daughter (and son, although this seems less of an issue with boys). 

I want my daughter to always have the ability to find joy in her time alone. I want her to be comfortable and confident enough in who she is and how she chooses her time to be spent. To know that her mind, her body, her spirit, her heart, are MORE than enough to find happiness. 

This is not to say that I want her to never know the power of others in her life (family, friends...gulp....boys) No! I just want her to recognize the necessary act of ALONE. There is a peace, a calm, a satisfaction to understanding that it is ok to go to the movies, out to dinner, shopping, for a drive, to the library, for a walk, etc.......on your own. 

This came to mind today when for a bit of time, E and I were together, just the two of us. This happens so rarely these days. It is especially true with E, who has basically had B for her wingman her entire life. I was reminded of the importance of the Dad-O and I each taking time to spend with the individual child whenever we can. They are so different when they are not sharing the spotlight with one another. Both of them.....SO ALIVE when all the attention is on them. (see picture above for illustration of SO ALIVE)

I adore you B and E
and on your own
 I want you both to know 
who you are 
in this moment
is all YOU ever need

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How we Spent our Saturday

IT was another great day at the MomBE's house. We woke early (as always) and began our day with sausage and fruit, and a new favorite of B's, bagels. Off to our local Botany Shop. The kids had so much fun running through all of the plants and even helped the Dad-O and I pick a few out. With no guidance, they both picked out some gorgeous purple flowers that are supposed to attract butterflies. Dad-O worked VERY hard ALL day, and we even had a bit of help and some nibbles from the Nonni and the Poppy. (Thanks N&P) By the time the nap was over, this picture was the view of  the front of our home. Beautiful, isn't it? Out lovely new neighbor Miss Debbie brought the kids yummy mini  Drumsticks to celebrate the landscaping in style! (Thanks, Miss Debbie) So, what more do we need? Landscaping and Ice Cream.......too fun!

A Possible "you had to be there" Moment

Picture this......

Mombe- driving down the street listening to yummy music on the radio

E- "Mommy, yook (look) booga (booger)

Mombe- "That's ok baby, its just a booger from your nose, it won't hurt you"

E- "Mommy, booga on finga (finger)" said with a bit of irritation now

B- "E, just wipe it on your car seat, and it will dry off and then you can flick it!" 

Mombe- "yes, B, that is one of her possible options"

Boy they sure can put a smile on my face.........

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Culinary Capers

Ingredients: 1 Head of Iceberg lettuce, 1 green pepper (diced), 1 can of corn and 1 can of red beans (drained), 1/2 lb. ground beef with taco seasoning to taste, 4 0z. grated cheddar cheese, 3 small seeded tomatoes,crushed tortilla chips,Green Goddess dressing.

And B and E's sweet little helping hands!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doin' Somethin' Right

This picture is my first day alone with my son. After all the family had gone home, the Dad-O had returned to work, and we were left alone. The first of many days we would have,  just the two of us. I would be lying if I said I remember this exact day with vivid comprehension. My memory is actually more like the picture staring back at you, it comes to me in snapshots.

 The smells in the house, the sweet scent of his skin are fleeting. The sounds of his precious coos whispering in my ears, the taste of the slobbering kisses he gave with no hesitation, they only flash into sight for a few seconds at a time, but they are more like a dream.

What I do remember as if it were yesterday.....the fear I felt, the questions I constantly was asking myself about the mother I was going to be, the Mommy I was in that moment, so afraid, and so full of doubt. I was sleep deprived, uncomfortable in my body,  I wondered if I was the wife I needed to be my husband. I felt alone, like I had no friends that understood my position, I had questions about my choices regarding work. I could not see my future, I felt out of control. 
Looking at this picture....I.taste. the. FEAR.
It is NOT an aftertaste that occasionally makes its presence known
These questions are ever-present.
I asked most of them TODAY

But tonight
I knelt beside B's bed and folded my hands to pray the same prayer I have prayed with him since his first days here on earth 
for the first time
B folded his hands and tucked them inside of my praying hands so that mine were surrounding all ten of his still so tiny fingers 
for the first time
B repeated the last few words of each line of the prayer in a sweet soprano harmony to my voice.

I thought

I must be
Doin' Somethin' Right

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh those LEGS

I LOVE those legs. They remind me of the BOY that he is and the MAN he will one day become. I am so blessed to experience bringing up a boy. Constantly a challenge, always an adventure, a forever love affair, bruises galore, my so very kind-hearted, rough-and-tumble sweet B! (oh, and the toe curling, he gets it from ME!)

Recipe for Respite

After a long and relaxing weekend with all the help I ever wanted from the Dad-o

A Monday Recipe for Respite is in need for the MomBE

Isn't it amazing how kids always play with the box it came in, the tupperware and cookware, and NEVER the expensive toys we spend too much time considering at the store


3 RANDOM Objects
monster, wee-one (penquin), flag
How do these 3 things keep her busy AND happy
Oh, how I wish I knew?!
Whatever it is, I find that picking 3 TOTALLY random objects works about as great as, well, a BOX
Kept her smiling for a good HOUR......Who knew (well, I did, apparently)
But, I won't brag too much on this one


Im Batting 1 for 2
An "F"

What B, did you not like your 3 Random things?

Even so, a bit of RESPTE for the MomBE


I took this picture a little less than a year ago, after a few days of playing in the sun in our new front yard. I stumbled across it while filing all my pictures into iphoto on the new computer my sweet husband got me for his promotion. (Incase you wonder, I got him cuff links.) It breaks my heart going through these pictures of my babies from just one year ago when I think of all the amazing changes that have happened in our lives. The two babies in the picture are now a toddler and a little boy. It does not seen possible. I often hear parents long for more children claiming to miss the baby days, all things baby and such. I do NOT want more children, I just want them to be babies again! Who knew I would long for this such a short period of time after they come out of this stage? People tell you that you will want it back, and you don't get it until it's staring you in the face. The TRUTH is, I have days where I wonder what I was thinking, moments I feel I can't handle it anymore, thoughts of going back to work because this just isn't as fulfilling as I thought is would be........But more often that that, I look at these two amazing creatures and the man who helped me bring them into this world, and my breath leaves my body. The thought that I have each and every day with them leading up to the days they go to school and sleep more often than they see me, and recognizing all the work my husband does to make sure we are able to spend this time together, I truly do not know what I ever have to complain about? BUT, the TRUTH is, I will complain, wonder, fear, reconsider, frustrate, annoy, tolerate, just get by at times, no matter how thankful I claim to be in this moment. The TRUTH is, I love my life. And I know I will not always seem thankful for it. The TRUTH is, I will need to read this to myself in days to come as a reminder........

Friday, April 17, 2009




We love our friends the E family! Getting together with them is a treat for everyone. I love Mommy E so much, she is one of the few other mommies in my life that I feel I can be 100 percent myself with! Thanks Mommy E! And the kids are great together. What more could you ask for...dinner, wrestling, and even baths together! The Daddies like each other too! We love you E family, and we are so excited for the next chapter of your lives, we look forward to sharing it with you

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe SO

Yes, there are times he bugs me with his funny little quirks, like leaving the floss hanging over the faucet in the shower

No, my B and E NEVER smile quite like they do for him, or does he,  for me

But is he all I could ever ask for in a husband and father, Maybe SO (and by that, I mean YES! It just didn't sound as catchy!)