Monday, April 13, 2009

Recipe for Respite

We like having PLAY stations in our house, and not the kind you plug into a television

On each table throughout the house I put different toys for the kids to play with, we then walk around to each station to see what is available. Mommy sets the timer for five minutes, and says ready..set....go! The kids play independently for an absurd amount of time, changing stations when the timer rings. And mommy.....RESPITE!
And if that does not work.....
There is ALWAYS the closet!

giggle, giggle, snort


Brittne said...

How fun!

Morgyn said...

Yes there's always the closet. :P haha great!

Morgyn said...

haha of course i'm still a student silly!

Class ends for me May 9th :)

diablo was YUMMMY :P Great minds DO think alike. :)

Bellabugs Mom said...

Too cute! Love your blog!