Saturday, April 25, 2009

How we Spent our Saturday

IT was another great day at the MomBE's house. We woke early (as always) and began our day with sausage and fruit, and a new favorite of B's, bagels. Off to our local Botany Shop. The kids had so much fun running through all of the plants and even helped the Dad-O and I pick a few out. With no guidance, they both picked out some gorgeous purple flowers that are supposed to attract butterflies. Dad-O worked VERY hard ALL day, and we even had a bit of help and some nibbles from the Nonni and the Poppy. (Thanks N&P) By the time the nap was over, this picture was the view of  the front of our home. Beautiful, isn't it? Out lovely new neighbor Miss Debbie brought the kids yummy mini  Drumsticks to celebrate the landscaping in style! (Thanks, Miss Debbie) So, what more do we need? Landscaping and Ice Cream.......too fun!

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Anonymous said...

Soo adorable. Just now getting to read your post from earlier. That's hysterical about B and E in the car!!! hahahahaha

Miss you all!