Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recipe for Respite

After a long and relaxing weekend with all the help I ever wanted from the Dad-o

A Monday Recipe for Respite is in need for the MomBE

Isn't it amazing how kids always play with the box it came in, the tupperware and cookware, and NEVER the expensive toys we spend too much time considering at the store


3 RANDOM Objects
monster, wee-one (penquin), flag
How do these 3 things keep her busy AND happy
Oh, how I wish I knew?!
Whatever it is, I find that picking 3 TOTALLY random objects works about as great as, well, a BOX
Kept her smiling for a good HOUR......Who knew (well, I did, apparently)
But, I won't brag too much on this one


Im Batting 1 for 2
An "F"

What B, did you not like your 3 Random things?

Even so, a bit of RESPTE for the MomBE


Anonymous said...

bahahahahahahahah that photo of B is hysterical!

Brittne said...

Aww poor B!!!!