Monday, August 31, 2009

We're From a Small Town

We concluded our trip to KC with a pre-nap excursion to Crown Center.
As we walked into the building my children both noticed the escalators straight away. As we waited for Uncle Nate to park, it grew more and more obvious which one of our lot of toddlers in tow had been there before. It was too cute to see my babes go ga-ga over the simplest things they do not see in our small town. We truly could have gone from escalator to escalator within Crown Center and the kids would have been completely content. DJ was totally aware of how "so last year" escalators are though. I had to tell the security guard at the front who insisted on guiding the kids off the moving stairs that we are, in fact, "from a small(er) town."
There are times I wonder if I am slighting our tag-a-longs by sheltering them from 'big city' attractions as simple as escalators and fountains. But, all it takes in seeing them find PURE joy in the smallest things to remind me that we are just fine....right where we are!

And, let's be honest, do you think we would see this reaction if it was an everyday occurrence?
In case you were wondering.....YES, we did let the kids run barefoot on the slippery fountain floors with lollipops in hand and mouth......

there are no words..........


Shannon said...

Great pics sister. Glad you all had a great time.

M.O.T.B said...

Love that she is standing on her very most tiptoes!!!