Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Matters Most

We discovered many things on our journey to Saint Louis. Our kids CAN both stay dry for five hours in the car, IF they really want to. It takes 1 Cinderella, 1 Peter Pan , and 2 Backyardigans to get to Saint Louis. My cherubs are still really good sleepers, they are flexible and adaptable. They use manners even when they are not prompted. They are kind to each other (most often when they think no one is watching) and they make this MomBE and Dad-O very proud.

My husband and I are an amazing team. Friends, real friends, are ALWAYS there for you, no matter how long you have been "in the cave" adjusting to parenthood. Fraternity brothers aren't that bad after all. There is nothing quite as handsome as seeing an involved father do what he can to help make a family click. Hearing children call their elders Mr. and Mrs so-and-so is becoming a lost art, but it is an art indeed.

And the thing we will take with us, once the detailed memories fade and the snapshots are what we have to spark them. What we will remember that we learned from watching other families we admire do things very differently than we do on one hand, and exactly the same on an other hand.

We learned that as long as we know that we are doing the right thing for our children, as long as we agree that the path we take as this family is the one that keeps US afloat. As long as we love and support each other in our endeavors and respect the outcome, we really are ahead of the game. How we spend our time in our four walls, how many bedrooms in our home, the numbers on our paycheck or the cars we drive, how much t.v they watch or where they sleep, whether or not I work, if they always eat their veggies....not what matters.
Having a genuine love for being THIS family....that IS what matters most....

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Shannon said...

Oh my goodness dear sister. I so love to see the times your family is having in between the times I get to see you all. I hope you know truly how proud I am of you and could not be more thrilled to call you my amazing sister. I cannot wait to see you in two weeks! Love you! Shannon