Sunday, August 30, 2009

The City of Fountains....and Cousins

After a long week in JoMo with Dad-O back to work, adjusting to a new school year, and a very violent visit with the porcelain GOD (don't eat the fish tacos) We needed a little break. So we went to see our awesome cousin's DJ and Will. Aunt Darby and Uncle Nate always take us in and are so hospitable. We are, once again, so very blessed. It was all of 24 hours start to finish that we had our adventure 3 hours away. Always exhausting, always a delight! We started our first night's journey at an Italian eatery reminiscent of Chicago and ended up on the Plaza filling the fountains with coins and wishes.

Thanks Team Brender, for another memorable trip to KC.
We love you all.

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