Monday, August 10, 2009

Roaring River

We spent the morning at Roaring River a few days before the Dad-O went back to work. What a great reunion with an amazing friend from my past and Dad-O's past, but not the same pasts respectively. He is THE MAN at the Park and was kind enough to show us around a bit, give us a chance to spend time with his wife and boys (who were as wonderful and gracious as I imagined they would be) , and give us a venti' starbucks cup full of fish nibble. This was great, considering for a quarter you get about 10 little peas of the stuff. It was especially good to have so much food for the kids liked throwing it in by the hand full to watch the fish fight over it. This was B's favorite part.
The kids loved Mr. Dusty and had fun exploring not only the fish but the all the different playgrounds in the park as well. B was very interested in Dusty's job. We told him that Dusty was in charge of the park, and he made sure it ran smoothly and everything worked around the park. We knew B understood what this meant when he promptly told Dusty of one of the broken swings on the swing set and to see to it that it get fixed. He's always thinking that one! E was only concerned with the fun the playgrounds had to offer, and there was plenty of fun to be had!
I loved watching the kids "fish" with their new poles. B had a Speed Racer pole, E a Princess pole. I could not help but look ahead and hope that they both make their way back to water with Poppy, PaPa, and Grandpa Mickey to learn the ins and outs and hear the stories of days before them.
But in the present day, present story, they had the chance to love on and listen to MomBE and Dad-O. And that, my friends, is always as good as it get in this foursome.

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