Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Days

The littles went to pre-school and Kids Day Out today. B officially in Pre-School, E in KDO. I am so proud of both of them, and looking forward to a great year. I find myself at a loss for words that do not seem cliche' at a time like this. "They grow up too fast" is such a strange idea to wrap yourself around.......until you are living it. So, I will try to put my thoughts into words that are not cliche' and capture this moment in my own words.

They are both amazing me with the take they each have on life in general and I am loving that the vocabulary they both posses allows for me to see the world through their eyes.E referring to the alphabet as H I O P's instead of ABC's and telling me the big construction trucks sitting on the side of the road during off hours must be "out of batteries" because they are not moving. B "reading" books because he has memorized pages at a time of our routine night-night books, telling me "no, no, double no" to get the point across. Saying that all Nana needs is one big body band-aid to fix her hip, and praying for all his friends each night, even those he saw most recently 3 months earlier. They are healthy, happy, joy-filled children. It is a good life!

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