Monday, August 3, 2009

The Science Center, Saint Louis

We had many proud moments in Saint Louis,
some of which a snapshot or a perfect grouping of words cannot express,
these are moments we will hold close to our hearts,
be thankful we took them in as a tangible experience and lived in that moment.
So I will not try to put those moments into words
for my heart can speak them to my head any time I need to hear them.
With that said, these are a very memorable moments.....

I swear, B could have looked at this "ball roller coaster" all day long, I think we could take him back to Saint Louis, drive straight to the Science Center and show him this again, and he would be golden.....full-filled.......over the moon!

E was pretty easy to please, she gravitated to the dolls (this dollhouse might just be what Santa brings her this Christmas) and she loved feeling scared too! (Not so easy on Mommy) So E was all about the tunnels and mazes and dinosaurs of all things. (In case you are wondering, B was not interested in the dinosaurs at all, "because they EAT PEOPLE")
Too funny.

Yet another "ball roller coaster" outside the Science Center. This one was a real treat because the kids got to operate it themselves (and the Daddies too)

This is B's new friend C. C's parents live in the middle of the city in an old Victorian Home. We got to make their carriage house our home for our 4 day excursion. What great friends we have.

I sure hope they enjoyed our visit, because something tells me this could be an annual thing.....


T. Hart said...

Jena had that very doll house and all its components from the age of 2 and up. It is WELL worth the investment! She (we) had many happy hours of playing and pretending with it. My niece is now enjoying it.

Looks and sounds like the Rogers family had a great summer great!

T. Hart

T. Hart said...