Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Em

I said a prayer for you tonight..........
I prayed that you will be a girl who can make friends easily
one who is loyal and honest
and who does not have to get her heart broken by her friends to often
but if it has to happen.......
you will learn from it and know better what you want in future friends
and what kind of friend you need to become.

But when I prayed that prayer
I thought of you in your middle and high school years
knowing that it will take some time to find out who you are and what you need
in your friendships

And then my prayer turned to thoughts of you at my age
and I asked God to give you a handful of friends like I have
friends that will put there life on hold for a few hours
and take the time to surprise you
and share a lovely lunch with you
and tell you it's going to be alright
 and wish you well on your next adventure

friends who will hug you when you are speechless
 just smile 
and need to say nothing

from all different places in your life
that each fulfill you in their own unique way
whom you love
you can cry to
who love you back
for being 
just who you are


{thank you Kiley, Whitney, Mandy, Brooke and Jenny}
(missed you Ashley and Kristen)
for such a memorable day the perfect time!
Love you all
may Em have people fill her like you all fill me!


M.O.T.B said...

I am certain you will be missed by many. And I am certain your daughter will easily make friends just like her Mommy.

Kristen said...

Sad that I missed it - so sorry. I'm off work until next Friday, maybe we can get together soon.

Brooke said...

:) Looking forward to more times with you soon.

Aunt Shannon said...

Wow sister. Very well said and you will make so many more special friends! Looking forward to seeing you next week. Love you!

Whitney said...

What a sweet post. We should all be praying for our kids that way. Emme & Ben are so blessed to have a mom like you!