Sunday, August 1, 2010

Timing is everything.............

This week we had to make a quick trip up to STL and back over a 24 hour period.
We walked through the entire inspection and just hung out in our {hopefully} future home.
For a house this age, there is a bit of fear going into the inspection, but for the most part, all is well and the house is in acceptable working condition to move in mid October. It is FILTHY, no offense to the owners, but it going to take serious time and energy on the front end of the move to be make this house feel comfortable and like ours. {think: 3 dogs, 2 cats, one guinea pig, and one parakeet.}

I took my camera with me and had huge plans to create a stop motion video and share it on this here blog. BUT, I forgot to change out my lens, which means, I would try to take a picture of a room and end up with a picture of the left side of the couch and half the picture frame hanging above it. I gave up pretty quickly and moved on to more important things, like......were there termites, and was it treated properly?

So, here are a few that may give you an idea, but GOOD pictures will have to come later:)

a portion of the front of the house



the landscaping I will inevitably kill

living room


dining room

and just for the hilarity of it, this is the master bathroom
ALL of the picture from me standing in the the doorway with a 50mm lens

The title of this post you ask? Well, as I mentioned, we move mid-October. BUT, Sam starts his new job September one. We had an offer on the house last night that included a close in 30 days. This is a GREAT problem to have, I know, and I feel very fortunate that we may have sold our house already!

 Where will we move our stuff?
 Do we live here with family or up there in a rental of some sort?
 Do I start the kids in school down here and then move them up there, which was my plan, but now that we are unsure of the timing I don't know if it is worth doing for less than a month? 

Needless to say, I did not sleep much last night, thinking of all this stuff! And by stuff, I also mean the FUN stuff, like what color I want to paint the walls and how fun it is going to be to see IKEA again!!!

I share this out to the blog world, not really knowing too well who reads this blog or how many people out there know us! BUT, if you are reading this, PLEASE leave me a comment with any thoughts you have or suggestions? I would really appreciate any feedback!


renemiles said...

Love the house! You can make it yours in NO TIME! The wall colors are actually the same colors as mine....& i'm also looking for a when you figure that out...pass it along...ty!! lol!!
My brother & sister in law are having the same problem w/relocation...selling their home....after buying another...their kids and school~ only they are headed KC way for their jobs. It's a hard choice to make. I would personally hate to be separated as a family & bring so many changes on the kids at once~ so what i would probably do is move your things into a storage a month to month rental & just take it all in until you close on the new place. GOOD LUCK!!

MomBE said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment Rene, I appreciate the suggestion! Will keep you posted!

M.O.T.B said...

Beautiful!!! Love the playhouse and just all the room!!!! It is lovely! I hate to see you go but I say move to STL with Sam, start the kids up there. Do some type of rental or stay with friends. Our best wishes follow!!!!

Aunt Shannon said...

I think that two moves is going to be difficult, however, staying together I think would be the best. Do an apartment that is close to your new house and get he kids going in a school there, is what I think is best for you all. I love you!

Love, S said...

I also say go together! Get the family there all at once even if u have to stay somewhere short term! Looooovvvvveeee the house--the yard is so great!

Brooke said...

I say keep the family together or move later - whichever you pick, you and Sam are a strong couple and even better parents and will make it through.

I'm here to help with your decorating/organizing if you want as you know...can't wait to visit - maybe we can come and help out with picking paint and you know I would love to be on board with a trip to IKEA if you need someone. Maybe we can work something out.