Sunday, August 8, 2010

SWIM Lessons

This week, the phrase "Burst with Pride"
took on a whole new meaning.
Taking swim lessons from Miss Ashley was such a joy.
She is one of the most patient and loving teachers I have ever seen.

I think she would agree, Ben was especially challenging.
He began the week with many tears, and once he was passed the fear, 
he would NOT stop talking long enough to let her teach

She informed me after Thursday's lesson
she was pretty convinced the chatter was his way to avoid the work.
hmmmm, I would have to agree with her.........
Her playful style worked wonders for Ben and Emme both.
She let them throw the toys after each successful swim.
Using phrases like "super glueing your arms to your ears" and
reminding them to hum when they went under water to avoid water up the nose.
We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She loves my kids, and I so love hers too. I had a little cry on Friday thinking about my life without that family regularly in our world, what ever will we do? 
 {I must add, that mother of three looks amazing in her daily swimsuits!} 
I snuck out and watched each of them a few minutes each day and was floored by the progress.
So brave, great listeners {for the most part} and voiced their thanks each day to Miss Ashley for helping them to learn.
Ben cried all the way to Monday's lesson and woke up Saturday morning asking "What time are our swim lessons today?"A successful week indeed!

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Aunt Shannon said...

That is awesome sis! I absolutely love the pics of E too! Love you!