Monday, February 15, 2010

A letter to my baby boy on his fourth birthday

You came into my world
my world shifted
it will never be the same
has never had more meaning
You have my hair and my nose
my tendency to be....type A
you made me re-think unconditional love
you gave me a patience and a calm I never knew
but also an incomparable fear and worry
You changed my perspective
you made me a mother
Thank you...................

You were conceived after trying for what seemed like an eternity
I took a test in the early morning hours and hopped back into bed
we turned it over together to were on your way
we felt your presence even before my tummy grew
we learned you were a boy, holding hands, looking at each other
we prepared for your arrival
then you came and we realized nothing could have prepared us
you brought us joy unspeakable
you made us parents
Thank you......................

he touched my tummy to feel you kick
he held my left leg, coached, danced, and rocked with me through the pain
he cut the cord and lay you on my empty tummy
I saw him over your shoulder when you took your first steps
you have his almond shaped eyes, his hands, and his swagger
you made him a Dad-O, you gave him the name
Thank you...................

You, glorious you
have the face of a cherub
the biggest of hearts
a love for life
a willingness to touch and hold softly
an "all boy" spirit
you have no idea how strong you are
but would not hurt a fly
you have perfected the art of winking {and it melts me every time}
butter soft skin, white blond hair that is darkening over time
sea blue eyes that sparkle when you laugh
a sense of humor like your Dad-O
a strong need to protect your sister
but you still let her get under your skin
a drive to follow the rules
do things "the right way"
you want to know how things work
find un-conventional ways to "play"
love it when I sing to you
and when Dad-O pretends to scare you
you are rough and tumble and willing to snuggle too
you are you
Thank you.......................


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, B!

Brittne said...

Happy birthday B!!!

Brooke said...

How beautiful! You are such a wonderful writer. What a great memory for him someday. ;-)

Aunt Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Amazing B. I wish I could be there to tell you in person. I love you sooooo much and am so proud to be your Aunt. Have a great birthday B.
Love you always!
Aunt Shannon