Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bouncing into Birthday

This year was B's first birthday where he got to invite friends and chose the venue. Up to now we have had cake and ice cream at our home with family. Benjamin decided early on that he wanted a train cookie cake and he wanted to celebrate at the House of Bounce. I was excited about not baking (because I don't) and was unsure of how the HOB would turn out. I made reservations for the HOB and ordered the cake. I found some train themed invitations at Hobby Lobby for 2 dollars a pack of 10. Benjamin helped me make the list, put the stamps on the envelopes and went with Dad-O to the post office to drop them off. It was great lead up to get him excited for his big day.

I am not sure why I was apprehensive about the HOB but I was wrong to be concerned. It was so much fun!!! As you can see!
IT was the perfect venue, and the 10 kids that came had a great time. The adults seemed to have a great time too.

Benjamin has so many people who love him! Great friends and awesome adults in his life! It was a RED letter day!!
friends attended: Allie and Brody, Austin and Will, Garrison and Riley, Aiden and Abby
gifts included: whack a mole game, fishing game, jungle book dvd, star wars kite and bubbles, arts and crafts stuff, trio building blocks

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Brooke said...

Looks like he had a great B-day.....mmmm, love cookie cakes. A man after my own heart!