Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Anticipation

Even now this is a difficult photo to post. I remember feeling so huge, and WOW.... I was! Today marks 2 weeks before my baby will be 4 years old (this photograph was taken about two weeks before his birth) It is also the first day of a wonderful new month that celebrates love. I will be photographing 3 more pregnant women in the days to come, all of which I know are feeling a bit insecure and restless in their own skin. And although I know it is hard for them to see right now, it is a beautiful moment in their lives that I am so pleased to capture. I hope to remind them that their body, as uncomfortable as it is making them, is celebrating the love they share with their husbands, and love for the precious life they carry. I had no idea then what my life would be like now, and I had no clue how my body was going to respond to pregnancy, or that I would be pregnant and/or nursing for three consecutive years of my life. But I am so glad that for a moment I let my guard down and had a memory made through this snapshot.

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Lindsayb-mo said...

What a beautiful picture!