Thursday, May 28, 2009

City Folk

I remember when I taught school in California, most of my students had never seen snow, or even cows. That made sense considering geography. But a sad majority of my students had never seen the ocean, even though they lived a mere 30 minutes from their sweet little toes kissing the water.
So when Poppy offered to take us to see a farm with goats and cows (about 30 minutes away), there was no way I was keeping these crunchy munchkins from such a great experience. B was ALL for it the minute we saw "Lucky the Goat" but E took a few hesitations and a Poppy on her arm to get past the gate entrance.

E's eagel eye spotted the cows down the way and soon our scenary changed.....

We had arrived at feeding time!  We got to see the cows follow the leader and sqeeze around the trough. MomBE got to hear a few fun facts about the cows. Did you know that it only takes one bull to, ahem, busy the rest of the female cows? Ok, so, I didn't get out of the city much as a kid.....
But, oh, my kids WILL
Nonni and Poppy will make certain that they have an enriched childhood, full of wonder, happenings, the who's-what's-when's-why's and how's of IT ALL!

Along with some good ol' fashion creek wadin' too!

What a MEMORABLE Memorial Day Weekend!

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Morgyn said...

Oh how fun!!!!! I'm hoping on planning a trip home SOON. I'm so eager to see everyone! MISS YOU