Thursday, May 7, 2009

Did YOU just tell me NO?

This face is all too often the one I am seeing these days
this face that says,
 "I do not accept the NO you just said to me"
"I did NOT do that, it was my brother, B"
"Yes, stranger, I am this shy and this cute and NEVER give my parents a hard time"
"MiMi, it is fine if I have another milkshake, MomBE does not care!"
"Nonni, I want to stay here at your house, MomBE is pretty boring these days"
"Dad-O, I can do NO wrong and you know it!"
"B, you know I am a step ahead of you and WILL get you in trouble if it kills me!"

E, life with you has yet to be and will never be dull!
Love you

1 comment:

Morgyn said...

hehe that photo of her is priceless!