Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Brave Tooth

This precious little boy had a great time on our park hop today. We headed out to our first venue this a.m. only to be met with a very large crop from a local pre-school celebrating their entrance to summer. After 30 minutes or so of total chaos (small park, big school) MomBE decided it may be time for the two little bodies to go elsewhere. So we hoped in the car and took the short drive to another park that had very few competitors for a turn on the swing. After a quick bite under the park's gazebo, we were at play once again......
It was not long before....... I watched in fear as this precious boy fell to the ground from the top of the 6 ft. "bridge ladder" less than 2 feet from where I was standing, yet I could do nothing
The result,well, the picture says it all.........No scratches, no other bruises, not even a bloody lip. As he must have been having so much fun he was smiling wide ALL the way down...... even when the bar met his front tooth

 Just a chip in that amazing smile


Anonymous said...

Pooor B! Chipped tooth and all, that smile is still AMAZING. Brings a smile to my face even hundreds of miles away!

Anonymous said...

Annnnd I just saw your comment on my blog haha.

I did come up with the term God Winks! Or at least i think i did...I don't remember hearing it anywhere else...that's just what I like to call them.

A full explanation will come soon :D

Miss you!

nik said...

His smile is as sweet and cute as ever - if not more so! Just the thought of him smiling all the way down had me giggling thinking of it like a cartoon - even though I know it must have been absolutely horrifying to watch! Your words are so expressive and perfect - it makes me feel like I am there w/you all. I only wish I was. Love and miss you all SO MUCH. Hugs and kisses to you each. Super proud of you lil sis - SUPER PROUD AND IMPRESSED of the person and mom(be) you are! Have a wonderful day!!!!