Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calm after the Storm

Wibbit, Wibbit*
There is such an irony to the beauty that comes after a storm. The sun shines on our faces, touching the grass and letting it glisten across our lawn and better witness the path of destruction, the cool air mixes with the humidity making it comfortable to go outside again. And life comes out again full stop. Birds singing, bugs gathering, and FROGS chirping.
Friday we had plans to go to the House of Bounce, but mother nature decided to intervene. We were to meet our friends Austin and Will. Instead, once we were all safe and sound and out of the crawl space, we decided to have them come to us for the morning. After all, they had no electricity or crawl space and there were rumblings that we may get hit again. So we emerged from our home, doubled in size, into the beautiful weather and began to hunt for foggies.*

Austin was the one to follow, he had clearly done this before. Sure enough, a frog was discovered under a down spout and the adventure began. Austin was naturally very possessive of his find and reluctant to share, but his Mommy stepped in and convinced all the kids to sit in a circle and let the foggie* decide who he "wanted to play with" (translation: who he thought was easiest to get away from)
Being one of three girls with a Mom who still won't pick up earthworms, I think I handled it pretty well. But seeing Austin and Will's Mommy carry that beast, I mean...frog around showed me I still have a lot to learn on the ins and outs of boys. By the way, E totally held her own! So proud of her! After an hour or so the foggie* had to take a time out and be placed back in his home for a much needed nap! So we all continued our day in the gorgeous weather, building memories with our friends, on a day that started dark and gloomy, but ended with rose colored cheeks and foggie potty* on our hands.
(there were no foggies harmed in the creation of this blog post)

*the language of E


Anonymous said...

Foggie = ADORABLE! Miss you!

Brittne said...

awww!! I hate frogs!!! Lol they just eek me out, Gracie tried to eat one the other day! gross!