Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My son...the adenoid-free architect

We have been watching an absurd amount of television over the weekend, chalking it up to "whatever it takes" to slow the man down. But, I must admit, it is driving me NUTS!!! There have been rumblings in our house for many months to eliminate the tele for good. To save money and wasted time. Anyhow, I have been trying to do different activities to busy the kids minds and not their bodies, keeping them planted. Lots of play-doh, water colors, and of course B's favorite...Towa (as E would say) Building.

Its no secret that B was a late talker, but there was never too much concern because when B chose to speak, what passed his lips was so amazing. B has always had a thing for shapes and building. I remember doing shape sorters and shape puzzles with him at a very young age. His doctor asking him to build a tower of 3 blocks for a developmental test, and watching B proceed to build a tower of ahem eleven blocks. He notices shapes in nature and architecture. His eye for the abstract is very impressive. So, I am going to go out and a limb and take a wild guess........an architect he may be????

B can build a tower out of just about anything......

"Look, Mommy, if I put two triangles together, they make a diamond!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh B. I remember him making towers with those blocks when Noni, Mom, and I were watching the kiddos on new years eve for you. I kept trying to clean them up, and he kept trying to rebuild towers with them! Eventually I tricked him into helping me build a neat tower in the corner so they weren't in the middle of the floor!