Sunday, January 3, 2010

Santa Mouse

We stole a tradition from some of our best friends.It is a tradition that many people have, they just do not call it "Santa Mouse." This tradition of getting new pajamas to wear to bed and wake up in on Christmas morning has been around for a long time in many families, but calling it Santa Mouse is what I am proud to have stolen from Jen and Wade. So when we found a book with the same name, we had to but two copies. One copy for our home, and one for their home. Before the new pjs are placed on our awaiting bodies, Dad-O reads us the book titled Santa Mouse (which has nothing to do with new pjs, but oh well)

I took advantage of their age this year and dressed them in the same pjs while I still can, and I chose blue to show of their eyes (although they stand out pretty good on their own)
We poured the milk, filled the plate (minus a few bites) for Santa, and the bag overflowed with reindeer food
After one last taste of the treats, we placed them on the table for Santa and near the door for the reindeer
We said good-bye for now to "Harry the Elf".... for his job is to fly back to the North Pole for the year to help Santa, and we will see him again during next year's advent
Ending the evening with the sweet sound of my husband's voice reading "The Night Before Christmas"

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Kimmy said...

I grew up on Santa Mouse!!! I love it!