Monday, January 11, 2010

Positively HOT Pink

What to do on the third snow day of the week? Pretend there is a sandy beach awaiting and get that much needed pedicure on those poor piggies you have been neglecting. And who better to do it with that my sweet little princess. The Dad-O and I like to split the kids up and take them on individual dates when we can. Having two this close together means they have no memory of having mom and dad to themselves. The parents don't remember much about that either. Oh, how I love alone time with my babes. Emme stole the show at our local Spa walking in with the perfect shade of green bow in her slightly to the left swept hair. For those who do not know her well, the child is a HAM (see last joke post) so her lean toward convincing anyone she just met that she is shy can be somewhat annoying. Emme put on her own shy show and said very little during her mani-pedi! The little turkey! It was still a very memorable experience, one that we will surely do again. I let her pick her own color and she had an opinion about what color I was to wear as well. We matched in a Positively HOT pink. It really is a pretty dreadful color, but as long as she wants to match her mommy.......................well, I am in.


Aunt Shannon said...

That is awesome sis! Glad it was so fun!

Kimmy said...

So inspiring! I would love to do this with Bella! Where do you go and how much does it cost?