Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Eve of Christmas

We spend the am of the eve of Christmas with the Dad-Os side of the family. Its almost like having two Christmas mornings in a row. In the kids eyes this Christmas, Santa came to all of their "important people's" homes. In other words, Santa gets ALL the credit. Mimi and Papa always go a little crazy (in a good way) at Christmas, they have some really wonderful traditions that make time at their home extra special. Everyone, adults included, has a Santa hat waiting to put on, we start with hot cocoa and finish with breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. Mimi always has a popper on our plates to open before we eat breakfast. It is complete with a trinket and colorful tissue crowns to wear while we eat. Great Grandma has made each child a Santa bag for Mimi to fill with gifts, donning the embroidered name on the outside and fuzzy lining just like Santa's bag. The kids dug into the bags and gifts with smiles and ah's galore. At one point I heard E exclaim "look at all this STUFF!" It was such a fun morning that wet B and E's appetite for more. The experience with Mimi and Papa includes the cousins and aunt and uncle, whom the kids adore, so FUN was certainly had! The boys received too many trains to count and the girls, their first American Girl experience with a Bitty Baby for each. The MomBE can't wait to make ice cream in her old-fashioned ice cream maker and Dad-O now had an indestructible phone thanks to Mimi and Papa!

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