Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Airport and A Vanity

After a beautiful morning full of snow and new toys to play with, we headed over the river and through the woods to Nonni and Poppy' s house. Awaiting us was a "traditional" meal for Christmas day of Turkey, sweet potatoes, corn and all the fixin's. We also had the option of the snackies that my mother has become quite famous for in our family......so famous in fact, that we have come assume they be a part of all celebrations as well. My husband actually said at one point in the eating escapades that he would like to fill the bathtub with my mother's sweet potatoes. Rolling out of Nonni's house is the only way you leave if she has her way. But, aside from the amazing food, there was an airport and a vanity for the elves to enjoy! Benjamin had this airport on his list and never let us forget is was one of his wants. In the sweetest voice before laying down for his nap on Christmas afternoon he asked, "Do you think Santa remembered to bring the airport to Nonni and Poppy's house?" Oh, yes, sweet boy, he remembered! As for Emme, she did not know it until she got it, but santa knew she needed a vanity of her own, after seeing her spend hours at Allie's vanity. And from the expression on her face, santa certainly did know best!

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