Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kid-Friendly Confections and a 3-D Movie (20)

The elves had a great time unwrapping all the rollos and hugs and gently placing a candy on each pretzel. The rule was, once all the candies were unwrapped they could eat the last one that needed to be uncovered. Both B and E did exactly that. They worked so hard and were so patient to unwrap each individual candy without eating a one. It was a great little activity to involve them in the candy making process too! Now when we take our candies to our family members, they can honestly say they made these simple treats. {what you see is exactly what they are} We finished our evening with the 3-D version of the Polar Express. We lasted about 2 minutes in the glasses and then changed to the regular version, but not before MomBE had to get a few great pictures. A fun evening to have just 4 days before Christmas!!!!!

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