Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 5 and 6

This weekend I was the one who got a "special treat" for advent. With the Dad-O out of town, the kids got to stay with both sets of grandparents one night each. So MomBE got to stay with a girlfriend one night and home alone another. It was a wonderful weekend for me, and the kids had some extra special time with mimi and papa and nonni and poppy.

On the 5th day the kids woke up to our advent routine, opening the calendar drawer to find a bath fizzy ball. Benjamin promptly asked me what it was and upon discovering its job was in the bathtub, without hesitation Benjamin says, "Mommy, I am really dirty!" I love that little boy, always thinking. I told him he would be much dirtier after a breakfast of peanut butter waffles with syrup and then we would bathe. What fun the kids had in mommy's tub, "Benny and the Jets."

Because the children were in transition between grandparents houses there was little time for advent yesterday, the 6th day, but I think they had plenty of fun new adventures to make up for a missed advent day at home.

Back on track with advent today, we have a happy hour playdate planned with some of our favorite friends tonight, it will be nice to get back into a routine, but I am so fortunate they have had this time with the important people outside of our home!

Aren't naked and soapy babies just the BEST!

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