Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3: Jelly beans BEFORE breakfast and Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

Day three TOTALLY cracked me up!!!! After one rip of a paper chain, a new ornament on our advent tree, and pulling off another number from our stickers (see day 1), the kids were given little boxes of jelly beans. To some this may not seem a big deal, but my kids getting to eat jelly beans at all, let alone before breakfast (:unless with grandparents:) well, it just does not happen! The funny part you ask? How very true to form the kids were in this adventure. E shoveling in handfuls of jbeans at a time not even noticing that each individual bean had a unique flavor, and B, bless his heart, meticulously eating one at a time, careful not to put one passed his lips that he may not like, only to arrive at a "disgusting" one on the second nibble, proceeding to hand over the rest of the jelly beans proclaiming "May I be excused?!" Oh, how I LOVE these moments. A simple and pleasant reminder of how unique my children are, and how I can somehow LOVE them both so very much!
Our afternoon project was to create a pipe cleaner candy cane ornament. I lay several actual candy canes out for them to see the resemblance to their creation and then we opened one and shared it after hanging our creations on the tree. What a delight to watch them create these sweet little masterpieces! And AGAIN, true to form, E ate hers right up and B was OVER it after one lick! But just look at the concentration! I am so blessed to be a part of this time in their lives. I would trade it for nothing!!
Also, it MUST be said, Benjamin may not have liked to EAT his jellybeans, but he w as more than willing to fill his trains with them and pretend they were cargo! Such a BOY!!

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