Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent Day 9

Wishing for SNOW
I love sunny and warm weather........I miss California for that very reason (among others:)
But this season I find myself wishing for snow
Seeing things through my children's eyes makes it tough not to wish for snow
Yesterday Ben wanted to touch the snow so badly when we got into the car to head to school
We literally had snow spitting through the air and glistening in the sun landing in tiny little handfuls
So the snow was accumulating in the cracks of the sidewalks and melting away in minutes
But it did not stop my little boy from trying desperately to make a snowball
Bless his merry little heart
So MomBE did the best she could and made use of our timely gift from my winning the blog contest
and we made snow of our very own
I pray it is not the closest we get to snowflakes this year

1 comment:

Totally Desperate Mom said...

Look at those sweet, innocent, can never do wrong eyes of your daughter!