Saturday, December 12, 2009


This picture makes no sense to those who do not know that I tend to strip my kids down for anything that may make a mess. I realize I will not be able to do this for much longer, and some may even think it is inappropriate to post these pics now, but she is still my baby, so I post said pictures anyway. Today for advent we drew a few pictures of Santa and made a cotton beard Santa (I think everyone remembers making one at some point in their lives?) So because we used markers and glue, I striped these elves down and we had a great time. After a preliminary wipe down, E came bounding out of her room in my old beach hat and her garden crocs, what an opportunity for a picture! I know little girl, I'd like to be on a beach somewhere too, we may have to talk dress code first though?


Anonymous said...

Sweet little girl! Now ms ali....which beach did you learn THAT dress code on? :)
Shannon (satterlee)

Totally Desperate Mom said...

I LOVE that outfit!