Friday, June 11, 2010

Shaving Cream Day {half hour actually}

We had a wonderful am of colored ice cubes and shave cream. Little fingers running through the clouds of cream, smearing it onto the slide and the sides of the pool. 

(can I just point out the sweet peach fuzz on her arms highlighted by the cream, precious I tell ya!)

I stood back and watched how they both took it all in so different from one another. Little girl stepping gingerly at first, then diving in full throttle.

Boy more interested in how the cream squirt out and what else he could cover with white ooze. 

The fun lasted about 30 minutes, and then sweet E started complaining that "sumfin bite me, my awm is stingin" I quickly realized the shave cream was irritating the innocent and untouched skins of my babes and took the hose to them both. As much shock as the cold water was for them, we will see if they will feel that the frigid hose down is worth another exciting shave cream day, I will let you know! 

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