Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farmer's Market....CHECK!

This is one of my favorite things on our summer list. I love our Friday routine at the Webb City Farmer's Market. It feels a little like you have traveled back in time, are in a big city, and a small town all at the same time. Try that one on for size. We always pack a lunch and start at this amazing gazebo{picture #1} looked on by stadium seating {picture #2&3}, drive down to the praying hands to do a bit of climbing {picture #4&5}, and then end at the market where we buy a loaf of organic asiago bread from a friend and drink our ice cold cooler water. The kids love to listen to the musicians {who are taking a break behind the kids in picture #6} dance and people watch. We are bound to run into at least one person we know. The kids fell fast asleep on the way home, but woke up with no looking back ready for the next adventure. So, as I type they are hollering, "can I get up?" in their respective rooms. I will post about what that next adventure becomes, but it may have to involve something low key.......for this Mommy is worn out!!!

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Webb City Farmers Market said...

What great photos - & memories.