Friday, June 4, 2010

Our First Check Mark

On Tuesday we went to Wildcat Glades, just the three of us. 
This is not a new adventure for us, but a favorite indeed.
We take a packed lunch and have several stops along the trail to eat a "course" of our meal. 
A lot of rock throwing, stick hunting, creepy crawly studying, and dirt digging over a long hike. 

We always end back at the car by the start of the trail and I let the kids sit in the front seat next to me while we drive up the 100 yard dirt road to the little "museum" and have the final course and take a restroom break.
{take wet wipes and do a tick check at bath time}

It was our first opportunity to scribble a check mark on our summer list.
When we made the list, the kids were pretty quick to turn away, and considering that I was doing all the writing and they can't read yet, I understood that.
But, when we returned home from our hike {which went from 8 to 11:30am}
I grabbed the black marker and drew a check in the box next to the adventure of the day.

And so began the questions...

E-"What you doin Mommy? Can I wite on dat?"
B-"Mommy, can we still go to WG again? Or now that there is a check mark there are we done with WG?"
"Where are we going tomorrow Mommy? What does that say? Does it say this/that on our list somewhere?"
E-"Mommy, if I'm a dood dirl, can we go egain?

I think they are catching on.....

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M.O.T.B said...

I love that Emme has a skirt on for a hike!!!!! My kind of girl for sure!