Thursday, June 3, 2010

one of those days

sometimes i have days that i feel like i do not know these two littles,
days where everything i say passes through their brains and does not register AT ALL,
days i question all the hard work {Dad-o and} i have done, 
wondering if they have heard any of our life lessons, 
sometimes i have days that feel like the witching hour every hour, 
fits that feel like they have been possessed,
days i feel like i have failed as a mother,
 and work is where i would be better off,
i want to go in the corner and cry, 
i don't want to try to discipline them with love, 
or forget about the disrespect they have shown,
i feel unloved, unappreciated and insignificant,
days i want to just QUIT!!!

today has been one of those days......


This Heavenly Life said...

I'm so sorry your day isn't going right! But rest are definitely not alone. The only consolation I can think of, is that an hour from now, everything might change and be wonderful!

Otherwise...your day is half over, and THAT is worth celebrating :)

David and Whitney Scott said...

But we still had fun!