Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Emme

I will never ever forget this third year of your life. How through most of it, you held my hand, hugged my neck and wanted to snuggle every chance you got.

It was such a special year, Emme, because you are a special girl.

You are my compassionate one, my spirited one, my independent one who likes to find her own way. Your imagination is contagious and indestructible. You love without limits, and what a love to aspire to. I have learned more from your ways than I could ever teach you as your mother.

Every dream I ever had my entire life about the little girl I wanted someday just can't compare with the greatness you turned out to be.

I will forever study the wonder that is you.
God gave me a beautiful, amazing girl. You were hand picked for us, for Ben, for me and Dad-O, for the world. 

You are going to do great things, Sweet Em.
Thank you for loving so good, so big, so pure. You are Heaven, our little Three Year Old.


Aunt Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous girl on the planet! I love you so much Emme! I cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Have a wonderful birthday sweetie!
Aunt Shannon

Brooke said...

What beautiful thoughts....